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Jewelry Facts and Tips

Are you looking for ways to improve your appearance and to make you look slimmer?  Here are a few tips for using jewelry to help you appear thinner.


If you have a round face, wearing long dangly earrings can make you face appear slimmer. Avoid wearing large circular earrings as these can emphasize the roundness of your face.

Long silver and copper earrings
amethyst and sterling silver wire wrapped earrings


If you have a short neck, wearing long necklaces can make you look thinner. They can also take attention away from larger hips and draw attention to the center of your body. A long thin necklace can make your torso appear longer.

If you want to take attention away from your tummy, wearing shorter necklaces will draw attention to your face.  But if you have a round face, wearing chokers or short necklaces can add to the roundness

Earrings like these draw your eyes downward, making a round face look thinner.
long labrodorite and abalone shell tassel necklace
long larimar necklace
These necklaces also draw your eyes downward making your torso look longer and providing a slimmer look.
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